The Best Product of Us

Vegetarian / Vegan

Tomato & Sweet Basil

Tomato onion carrot basil vegetable stock garlic olive oil salt pepper (vg gf)

Mushroom Black Garlic

Caramelized button shiitake porcini mushrooms leek sage black garlic dill cashew cream (vg gf)

French Lentil

Protein Green & Brown Lentils Carrots Celery Tomato & Herb de Provence (vg gf)

Poblano Corn Chowder

Vegetable stock sweet organic corn chayote squash poblano peppers onion celery carrot oregano cilantro butter flour garlic salt pepper (v)

Red Lentil Coconut

red lentil ,carrot ,tomato , ginger ,coriander ,curry ,coconut milk (vg gf)

Moroccan Chickpea

Garbanzo beans onion celery tomato vegetable stock coriander cumin paprika lemon olive oil cilantro (vg gf )

Spinach Zucchini Basil

Spinach zucchini celery onion garlic potato butter vegetable stock Cream basil puree (v gf)

Potato Leek

Caramelized leeks garlic butter potato vegetable stock cream puree (v gf)

Cream of Cauliflower

Cauliflower Milk Onion Nutmeg Bay Leaf Butter Garlic (v gf)

Mint & Pea

Fresh Peas Mint Split Peas Vegetable Stock Onion Celery Garlic (vg gf)

Roasted Butternut Squash

Butternut squash onion garlic cumin sage thyme vegetable stock (vg gf)

Non Vegetarian

Shrimp Bisque

Fish stock shrimp shallots carrot milk sherry wine tarragon garlic butter flour garlic salt pepper

Chicken Sausage Gumbo

Chicken stock chicken andouille sausage okra onion tomato bell pepper flour olive oil cayenne gumbo file garlic salt pepper (df)

Chipotle Chicken

Chicken broth chicken potato carrot celery onion cilantro oregano chipotles turmeric garlic salt pepper (gf df)

Herb Chicken Caper

Chicken Stock Caper potato cilantro green onions(gf df)

Brazilian coconut shrimp

Fish stock shrimp cassava root (yucca) tomato onion celery chili coconut milk cilantro coconut oil garlic salt pepper (gf df )

Thai Coconut Chicken

Tom Kha chicken coconut milk mushroom pepper carrot ginger Thai basil cilantro chili lemongrass potato cilantro green onions (gf)

Chicken Wild Rice

Creamy chicken carrot celery onion mushroom wild rice milk butter chicken stock parsley

Chicken Pozole Verde

Organic chicken cilantro parsley oregano tomatillo pasilla peppers hominy green onion (gf, df)

Tuscan Potato

Italian sausage potato celery onion garlic Tuscan Kale oregano chicken stock cream


Healing and Nutritious broths simmered to perfection

Chicken Bone Broth

Roasted organic chicken bones onion carrot celery garlic thyme oregano bay

Mineral Vegetable Broth

Leek carrot celery onion Kombu garlic red potato yam sea salt

Immune Turmeric Broth

Shiitake ginger garlic Kombu burdock turmeric carrot celery onion sea salt

Do the Soup Bazaar Cleanse for 1 Day or 7 days it's up to you , Our plan is designed to keep you full longer , flush toxins and give you a nutritional bust !


Celery Root & Leek

Celery Root turnip celery radish roasted garlic thyme (vg gf)

Carrot Ginger

Vegetable stock carrot onion celery ginger coconut milk fresh turmeric orange peel cardamom cumin curry coconut oil garlic salt pepper (vg gf)

Beet & Balsamic

Beet onion beet greens garlic fennel carrot tarragon balsamic (vg gf)

Green Machine

Vegetable stock spinach Swiss chard kale Ginger garlic Serrano turmeric olive oil salt pepper (vg , gf)

Ancient Grains

Lentil quinoa mushroom kale rainbow chard in vegetable broth (vg gf)

Spicy Sweet Potato

Yam onion garlic fresh turmeric cumin coriander cayenne coconut milk (vg gf)

Need a change in eating habits ? Eat Real food for a few days and Feel Good ! Eat Soup & Broth ! The Soup Bazaar cleanse will help you feel lighter & reset your body !

Soup Bazaar Care Packages

The Cold Crusher

Lemon Chicken Orzo in Soup Bazaar thermos
Artisanal Bread & Cracker
Homemade Honey & Lemon gelatin
Mint Tea Tissues get well Note

The Hangover Cure

Vuelve a La Vida seafood in Soup Bazaar thermos
Limes Cilantro & Rice
Iced cucumber pineapple lemonade

Soup Bazaar World

Our goal is to introduce you to New International & Exciting flavors !
Vote for the international soup of the month on our blog and explore
Soups of the World at our Pop up Markets !