Tomato & Basil
organic roasted tomato carrot garlic olive oil basil purée with hint cream (v)
Forrest Mushroom
caramelized baby bella shiitake porcini mushroom leek black garlic bone broth dill
French Lentil
french green lentil brown lentil carrots celery tomato garlic herb de French olive oil (vg gf)
Herb Chicken Market Vegetables
organic chicken breast carrot celery potato radish summer squash zucchini noodles herbs clear chicken broth (df gf)
Shrimp Bisque
luxurious shrimp leek sherry wine cream Fish fume tarragon purée
Chicken Sausage Creole
organic chicken andouille tomato pepper okra creole file (df)
Tomato Chorizo & Chickpea
chorizo potato garbanzo pepper paprika tomato saffron broth (df gf)
Chipotle Chicken
organic chicken carrot potato celery onion cilantro spicy rich chicken broth (gf)
Brazilian Shrimp
shrimp cassava root (yucca) tomato chili fish fume coconut milk cilantro (gf df )
Fideo & Meatball
beef meatballs carrot celery onion thin pasta parsley clear chicken broth (df)
Our goal is to introduce you to New International & Exciting flavors ! Vote for the international soup of the month and explore the Soups of the World. @soupbazaar #soupbazaarworld
Roasted Eggplant
rustic chard eggplant tahini lemon garlic dip (babaghanoush)
Beet Root Mint
balsamic roasted beet garbanzo tahini lemon garlic mint dip (hummus)
Red Pepper Walnut
roasted Aleppo pepper green onion walnut pomegranate dip (muhamarra)
Fava Zaatar
fava bean dip topped with toasted ground sesame seed herbs spices ( hummus)
Yogurt & Dukkah
thick yogurt topped with toasted ground nuts herbs spices (labneh)

Choose from our Selection of Artisanal Bread (Pita Chips Sangak Chips or Crostini)
Spicy Chicken
spicy chicken breast pickled red onion lettuce mozzarella chipotle aioli
Citrus Chicken Avocado
citrus marinated chicken breast lettuce pickled red onion avocado aji citrus aioli
Pepper Beef & Arugula
pepper crusted roast beef caramelized onion arugula blue cheese garlic aioli
Tuna Tataki
sesame crusted ahi tuna rare spring greens pickled ginger spicy aioli
Veggie Banh Mi
Pickled carrot radish fresno chili fresh cucumber cilantro thai basil mushroom pate secret sauce (vg)
Jade Green Curry
shiitake carrot peppers celery eggplant ginger chili coconut milk thai basil cilantro (vg df gf )
Poblano Corn Chowder
Creamy roasted poblano sweet organic corn chayote squash celery carrot cilantro (v)
Minestrone with Farro
green bean carrot zucchini cannelini bean escarole farro oregano tomato broth (vg)
Black Lentil Black Garlic
black lentils chard red onion tomato chili black garlic (vg gf )
Many Many Bean
bean medley carrot celery onion tomato herbs (vg gf)
Carrot Turmeric Ginger
carrot fresh turmeric orange ginger spice purée with hint of coconut milk (gf)
Beet & Balsamic
ruby beet beet tops roasted garlic fennel carrot tarragon balsamic puree (gf)
Green Machine
spinach zucchini kale potato celery ginger herbs purée with hint of coconut milk (gf)
Ancient Grains
lentil garbanzo quinoa mushroom kale rainbow chard in vegetable broth
Red Lentil
red lentil carrot tomato ginger coriander curry coconut milk (gf)
Spicy Black Bean
black bean onion tomato bell peppers serrano cilantro (gf)
Celery & Leek
celery root turnip celery radish roasted garlic thyme
Magic Mushroom broth
shiitake porcini cremini roasted garlic thyme

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Quinoa Artichoke
arugula roasted artichoke hearts crispy leeks shaved parmesan lemon dressing
Heart of Palm
Heart of Palm Ceviche(marinated Palm tomato red onion cucumber)over romaine spicy lemon dressing
Fig & Farro
arugula fig farro cucumber tomato sesame seeds mint sesame sumac dressing
Arugula Ruby Beet
arugula roasted beet root tomato feta walnuts balsamic vinaigrette
romaine fresh cilantro red cabbage cotija cheese tortilla crisp Cilantro dressing
Caprese Pasta
Wholewheat penne cherry tomato sun dried tomato fresh mozzarella basil pesto
Strawberry Field
spinach organic strawberry feta walnut Balsamic vinaigrette
Bazaar Crunch
romaine napa cabbage red lentil crispy leeks fried garlic chili peanut sesame cilantro Tamarind dressing
Get your Freekeh
freekeh spinach crispy garbanzo roasted carrot mint Lemon yogurt dressing
Grill Cheese Deluxe
sharp cheddar gouda
Grill Ham & Cheese
mozzarella cheddar ham dijonaise
Grill Mushroom Sage
mozzarella gouda caramelized onion mushroom sage garlic aioli
Grill Greens
mozzarella avocado spinach basil pesto